Renee Young on Ambrose: “He ended up having to go back in and have another surgery on his arm”

Sep 22, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Renee Young revealed on the Ross Report that Dean Ambrose had to have two surgeries while he was out:

On Dean Ambrose’s health scare:

“He ended up having to go back in and have another surgery on his arm. He tore his tricep and went in for surgery in December and I remember him calling me New Year’s Day during a show in Miami. RAW was in Miami. His arm was bleeding everywhere. He woke up and there was blood all over the bed. He was so confused by all that had happened, not being able to fully get a look at what’s going on with his arm. He kinda kept bandaging it up trying to make it heal as quickly as possible, to reseal this opening that had happened in his arm. He eventually had to go back to Birmingham, which is where he had his surgery initially, just for a check in and that’s when they realized his infection had escalated a lot. They had go back in, clean it out. He was on antibiotics for months. It was really scary just knowing the severity of staph infection, of MRSA. It’s an eye opener. It’s really tough to see somebody you love go through something like that, especially somebody like Dean who’s this indestructible force and to see him down and out with something like that, it was tough to go through.”

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