Ohno: “I think the NXT Universe knows I’m good”

Sep 20, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

In an interview with Bryon Saxton, Kassius Ohno gave his thoughts on the new talents in NXT

“There’s a recent bias here in NXT. No one wants to take part in that difficult discussion, so I’m here to make everyone face the truth. New isn’t always better. When respect is given, rather than earned it’s not appreciated. That’s a problem”

“When you give a child a new toy every day, some of those toys will inevitably find themselves to the bottom of the chest. For what? That child doesn’t know any better. Lots of these new toys are cheaply made and easy to break. It’s a waste of money, and I think it’s time to start taking some of these toys away”

“I’m going to name some names, and I’ll let you decide who fits in this category, and who does not. EC3, Ricochet, Dominik Dijakovic, War Raiders. You’ve also got some of those NXT UK guys. I guess we’ll wait and see”

“I think the NXT Universe knows I’m good, but they’ve either forgotten or can’t grasp how excellent I truly am. I’m seen as a figurative gatekeeper here in NXT. Maybe I should anoint myself the literal gatekeeper”

“I’m not jealous of fake hype, I’m not in search of hollow admiration. There will always be someone new, and their buzz will last until it doesn’t”

(The 434 Elite)

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