Attorney in dismissed class action lawsuit against WWE plans to file appeal

Sep 20, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Konstantine Kyros, the attorney behind the class action lawsuit against WWE which was tossed out of court this week, plans to file an appeal because the time bar should not apply to CTE because it is a “latent occupational disease.”

Kyros, speaking to, said in an interview that this was “by far the most rough-and-tumble lawsuit” that anyone he knows has ever been involved in, calling it as wall an unusual scenario.

But long-time WWE lawyer Jerry McDevitt, who represents WWE in high-profile cases, said that Kyros should be disbarred for the “unethical” behavior in the case.

“People like that who bring the judge into disrepute just because they lost the case and were sanctioned because of their misconduct, I don’t think they do have a place in the bar,” McDevitt said. “His comments about the judge are wildly inappropriate and regrettable and he shouldn’t be doing it. He called her reasoning flimsy. Accused her of ignoring facts that there were murders and suicides. She didn’t do any such thing. That’s just rotten to do.”

McDevitt confirmed that after this ruling, WWE is currently facing no concussion-related suits.

You can read the full interview here.

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