Matt Riddle says he misses MMA, talks MMA stars transitioning to wrestling

Sep 17, 2018 - by James Walsh

NXT’s Matt Riddle recently spoke with MMA Junkie, and discussed missing MMA and other fighters transitioning to Wrestling…

On Missing MMA: “I do miss it,” Riddle told MMAjunkie Radio. “I watch the fights. I watched Tyron Woodley dominate this week. I feel bad for the fighters and I know exactly – things are a little different now – but I know my world when I was in MMA, everything was tough. Life was just so tough. Everything was a struggle. Bills were a struggle. Even when you’re on top in the UFC, you only get paid a couple times a year. I’m just really glad to have that all behind me and focus on my craft.”

On MMA Stars Transitioning to Wrestling: “There’s a lot of people making the transition and doing it well,” Riddle said. “There are other guys that are doing great – and women – you’ve got Ronda and Shayna (Baszler), Jessamyn Duke. You’ve got Tom Lawlor, you’ve got me. There’s a lot of guys like ‘King Mo,’ for example, who is a big fan of professional wrestling, world-class fighter, world-class athlete, but I don’t think he’s the greatest pro wrestler. It’s more than moves and athleticism. It’s that charisma.”

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