205 Live switching time slots

Sep 15, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Starting next week, the WWE 205 Live broadcast will be moving to Wednesday nights starting at 7PM EST on the WWE Network. It will no longer be live although there’s no hint that the name will change at this point.

The change is due to the live Mixed Match Challenge show that will immediately follow Smackdown from Tuesday and will run through December. It is likely that 205 Live will still be taped after MMC which means the usually-small Smackdown crowd will have to sit through over three hours of tapings combined with the MMC although many people leave the arena when 205 Live tapings start. WWE could also opt to start filming 205 Live before Smackdown which would greatly help the energy of the show and improves attendance.

Moving 205 Live to Wednesday means that there will be a three-hour block of in-ring action on the WWE Network, starting with the cruiserweights, and then NXT, and after that the Mae Young Classic. The MYC has another month to go before the final at the Evolution pay-per-view.

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