Video: Scott Steiner Calls Stephanie McMahon A C***

Sep 12, 2018 - by James Walsh

Scott Steiner took new shots at Triple H and Stephanie McMahon in a new interview with WhatCulture Wrestling. Speaking with the site at Starrcast, Steiner took several shots at the two WWE executives and talked about how he considered leaving the company both times he was there.

“The two times I was up there I thought about quitting,” Steiner said. “Yeah, f***ing weirdos man. The bullshit you have to deal with now — now it’s worse because you’ve got one of the biggest c**ts running it, you know?”

He continued, “Stephanie McMahon, what the f*** does she know about wrestling? Just because… and then Triple H… f***… are you f***ing kidding me? I feel bad for the wrestlers, you know? Because they pigeonholed them in these stupid characters and make everybody do the same interviews that they print out. You can’t expand or be creative. It’s not what my picture of wrestling is. People say they sell it like this it’s the squared circle, they proved it — it’s bulls***.”

Steiner has been a regular critic of WWE, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon over the years, including calling the Hall of Fame a joke in May and going on an going off on Triple H during a Twitter rant in August of 2017.

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11 Responses

  1. Wrasslin420 says:

    Idk bout off camera but yeah on camera she’s about the biggest cunt I’ve ever seen. I hope that doesn’t carry over to not being on camera. God bless HHH if it does

  2. Chris says:

    It seems like he’s having a hard time talking

  3. Stonz says:

    She’s not a cunt lol. It’s all part of the act. They are actually quite generous and apparently very good people.

  4. Havok says:

    Tell us how you really feel Scott

  5. Joseph says:

    Only four replies, but I figured there’d be more people offended by him calling Stephanie a c*nt since there were a number of people offended by Sabu saying Renee Young sucked c*ck.

  6. Chris C. says:

    Slow news day? Scotty calling people awful things is hardly a headline.

  7. lorhul00 says:

    I have heard that Steiner has had bad blood with Steph and HHH and Vince as well for never getting the heavyweight championship. His bad attitude and lack of a push was his own fault.

  8. Havok says:

    @Joseph, at this point no one is surprised by what Scott says. Not saying I agree with him, but atleast he worked with stephanie. Have Sabu and Renee even met

  9. Joseph says:


    So he worked with her. How does that make his comment less offensive? Sabu and Renee Young never met as far as I know. How does that make his comment more offensive? I find it weird that Sabu used the word f*g in his tweet and more people seem offended by is that he called Renee Young a c*cksucker.

  10. Pete Haines says:

    WWE is about as interesting as Teletubbies. Stephanie has ruined WWE.

  11. dave says:

    Let’s settle this; Steiner and Sabu are massive a–holes, both comments are unnecessarily offensive to both women and born from a place of bitterness and no sense of decorum.

    Sabu added the homophobic slur to take shots at other unnamed people too, which makes his comments doubly sh@tty.

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