Drew McIntyre discusses some WWE talent not reaching their full potential

Sep 7, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Drew McIntyre continues to speak out about the differences of the roster from those who were around in his first stint with the WWE as well as to his second/current run today.

The WWE RAW Tag Team Champion spoke with the AL.com to talk about various topics including how there has been a change in WWE culture since his last tenure. He stated that there have been guys who went through the NXT system who are the lending force now and that’s a big difference as everything keeps growing.

“The big thing for me is that I’ve grown as a person, matured and returned to make a difference. What I do notice backstage is as good a roster as we have – we have the best roster in the world, men and women – but we do have a few people that perhaps aren’t fulfilling their potential. I know this because that’s who I was during my first run with the company.”

He continued by saying that he can see it when he looks around as it reminds him of myself when he didn’t realize the opportunity he had and that this was the number one show. He had to give it his all in and out of the ring in every possible situation.

He sees that now that he’s back and trying to tell people the answers. “If you don’t take the answers to the question, perhaps it’s time for people to go away like I did and find themselves. And if they don’t, perhaps they don’t belong on the number one show in the world because I can assure you there are people in NXT waiting to take their spots.”


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