Nick Aldis reveals why Jeff Jarrett was part of his entourage at All In

Sep 3, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Both Nick Aldis and Cody were accompanied to the ring by “fight teams” at All In. In Cody’s corner was Diamond Dallas Page, Brandi, Pharoah and a few others. There was one face which jumped off the screen in the corner for Nick Aldis, however. Jeff Jarrett, who had a public falling out with Aldis not long ago, helped walk Aldis to the ring for the match.

Today, Aldis released a statement on his decision to have Jarrett in his corner.

In the statement, Aldis admitted he and Jarrett have had a falling out. Aldis also said he believes in second chances, however, and decided to give one to the man who gave him his first chance to be a World Champion.

Aldis has won both the Impact World Championship and the Global Force Wrestling World Championship as well.

Nick Aldis and Jeff Jarrett
Jarrett and Aldis had a falling out as it concerns Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling. Aldis opted not to sign a new contract with the promotion in 2017 as Jarrett was asking for 10% of all money GFW talent earned on the independent scene. Jarrett was looking for similar deals from Impact Wrestling talents when he was briefly in charge of the company again last year.

Aldis agreed to lose the GFW World Championship to Alberto El Patron last summer. He wrestled in one other match for the promotion and then left. Jarrett would eventually lose his position with Impact Wrestling and has since filed a lawsuit against the company. Jarrett is primarily wrestling for AAA in Mexico these days where he recently lost the AAA Mega Championship to Fenix.


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