Independent show nearly shut down after Sami Callihan match

Sep 2, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

There was a situation at the AAW show in the Chicago area at the Logan Square Auditorium over the weekend that had some drama. It all started once Jimmy Jacobs and Sami Callihan had a match together that at one point saw management step in and nearly shut down the event. Callihan ended up being tossed from the show.

It all started once the match took place and during it, Callihan decided to put Jacobs under a drum riser, which is part of the stage, then stacked hard plastic chairs on top of him. This is when one member of the building’s management got so upset to the point where the person got on the microphone to tell Callihan not to break the venue’s chairs. The two wrestlers ended the match with Callihan winning.

Following the match, Callihan was told to be removed from the venue and security asked him to leave. It was noted in the report that Callihan thought it was part of the angle which led to him shoving and cursing until one of the security guards told him they had a gun as well as threatened to shoot if he didn’t stop. As a result, Callihan was removed from the building.

Even though they had a break to allow the fans to cool off, the show continued on after the incident and was allowed to finish. It should be noted that there was one point where AAW as a whole was nearly thrown out of the venue because of the incident. The show continued because of the two sides coming to an agreement to keep things running for the fans.

After the show, Callihab took to his official Twitter account where he wrote the following, “Got into a fight with security tonight @AAWPro, and almost started a riot. Typical Friday night for #TheDRAW.”


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