Ken Shamrock says he’s thrown out feelers to WWE about a return

Sep 1, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Ken Shamrock spoke with Adam’s Apple for a new interview and discussed a possible return to WWE or MMA. Highlights are below, per Wrestling Inc:

On a possible MMA return against Royce Gracie:

“I’ve always said that I think the fans deserve better than that in the last fight we had. And I thought that Royce should have come out and did a fight after the low blow, and he didn’t. He ran off with the wind, basically saying ‘oh, he should have known I was gonna knee him low.’ And I was like, ‘dude, we don’t fight like that anymore.’ So, it was really, to me, very disrespectful and I thought it was really disrespectful to the fans and to the world of MMA.”

On a potential WWE return:

“WWE is something I’m looking at. Definitely have been throwing little feelers out there to get an opportunity. Because I have achieved everything that I have set out to do in every organization except the WWE. I didn’t get the world title. I got everything else but that. There’s some unfinished business there, so I’ve always kind of been throwing feelers out there, saying, listen, I’d like to go back and get a run at the title. But, no response up to this point. But we’ll see what happens.”

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