Jinder Mahal Says Being Left Off of Summerslam is Motivating

Aug 31, 2018 - by James Walsh

Jinder Mahal recently spoke to Gorilla Position (via Wrestling Inc), and spoke about being left off of the Summerslam card and looking to climb back to the top…

On Being Left Off of The Summerslam Card: “I see it as motivating to me,” Mahal said. “It’s motivation to me because I see where I was last year I was WWE Champion. Unfortunately this year [I didn’t] have a match. I could be disappointed. I could play the blame game. Or I could look deep into myself. What am I doing that I could make sure to do better to make sure I was on this card? I gotta go back to what made me WWE Champion so next year I can be Universal Champion or WWE Champion and main event SummerSlam again.”

On Getting Back to The Top: “I did it before, I shocked the WWE Universe,” Mahal said. “I beat Randy Orton, one of the all-time greats, you know. Why can’t I beat a Brock Lesnar? “Why can’t I beat AJ Styles? I beat AJ Styles in the past before. You know as soon I figure out why Kurt Angle keeps putting me in situations that I’m not ready for like making me defend the United States Championship on my first night on Raw. You know, I think I’m gonna be champion again. I think I’m going to be successful in WWE.”

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