London walks with Elias for “Angels” performance at live event

Aug 30, 2018 - by Colin Vassallo

London definitely walked with Elias yesterday as the O2 Arena joined him in a rendition of Angels, the popular song by Robbie Williams during the non-televised live event.

Elias, who was in the ring with Bobby Lashley, sat in the middle with his guitar as he started playing the song, with Lashley occasionally joining in. The London crowd sang along for the whole song, which is very popular at karaoke bars in the country.

But as the song finished, Elias quickly attacked Lashley from behind, with some fans cheering and some fans booing. His offense was short-lived though as Lashley recovered in no time and suplexed him for the trouble.

You can check out the funny video below.

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