Joe Hendry Discusses the Creative Process Behind his Amusing Impact Wrestling Songs

Aug 27, 2018 - by James Walsh

Impact Wrestling’s Joe Hendry recently spoke to the Wrestling Epicenter about his creative process for his custom and amusing entrance songs and music videos. He also praised the company’s creative freedom and the locker room’s collaborative efforts to help. Highlights are below.
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On if his unique and custom themes for each match are written for him or his own creation:

“That is one of the cool things about the relationship so far and this is such a rarity at this level of wrestling. But, Impact has really given me the creative space to go and, the fact that they trust me with these,  the truth is all I have to do is show up with a file. All I have to do is show up with a file and that is what they are going to play! To have that leve of trust from a company the quality of Impact Wrestling  says a lot about how serious Impact is about working with the talent.”

On coming up with original melodies versus doing a more parody style song:
“As for those songs, I’ve been allowed to go away and think about what is the best possible music video I can produce for the fans and live attendance, and on television. The  real challenge has been I’ve had to come away from parodies.  Even though parody is protected under Fair Use, we don’t really want to get into any issues with copyright and things like that. So, you know what? Lets just do original songs!”

On possibly doing an album:
“Thus far, 5 original songs are done. We kind of took a step back and thought, “Well, that’s half an album right there! which gets us thinking. I’m not going to say anymore than that. But, it definitely, definitely got us thinking of things we can do.”

On the backstage atmopsphere at Impact and collaborative efforts:
So, I kind of do the songs. But, as far as all the things we’re doing on the show, there is a real collaborative effort. The cool thing about Impact Wrestling. Everybody is involved! I think that is why the company is moving in such a great, positive direction. Everobody’s working together. Everybody knows what everybody’s doing. And, everybody’s chipping in to help everybody else out. And, that comes from a professional wrestling standpoint and also from the segments and promos that we’re doing as well. It would take me all day to tell you every time someone at Impact has helped me with something, improved something, and refined something. The songs? I’m taking care of those. But, beyond that, it is a real collaborative process!”

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