Jericho: “Jericho is just as valuable as Brock Lesnar in a lot of ways”

Aug 27, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

During an appearance on Wrestling Observer Radio, Chris Jericho commented on his worth to the wrestling industry:

“Brock Lesnar, I mean that guy’s so smart you know like he plays it to go to UFC whenever his deal is up and UFC needs him and Vince feels like he needs him so the offers just go through the roof.”

“Well, who’s to say that I’m not just as valuable as Brock Lesnar is in 2018 in wrestling? I mean Brock’s matches aren’t exactly 5-star classics. You know what he’s doing when he gets in there. He just does his thing and that’s it.”

“I just at this point in time Jericho is just as valuable as Brock Lesnar in a lot of ways and if I didn’t think that I should retire right now. So you know who’s to say what offers and opportunities there are out there? But to me, it’s a whole new world once again because for whatever luck of the draw I’m a free agent at a time when there are a lot of wrestling companies dying for top-level guys and there aren’t a lot of guys with the long-term name value and goodwill with wrestling fans on a worldwide basis than Chris Jericho has.”

“So I have to be smart about what I do and I also have to make sure that whatever I do is something that makes me excited to be there because if I’m not excited to be there I don’t wanna be there.”

(Pro Wrestling & MMA World)

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