Colt Cabana on the CM Punk lawsuit: “All I want is for this thing to be settle”

Aug 27, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

On his podcast “Art of Wrestling” Colt Cabana commented on his lawsuit vs CM Punk:

On his lawsuit against Punk over unpaid legal fees: “There was some news that got leaked out. I understand it was going to happen. This is the perfect place for me to be right now because I was super stressed out when it got leaked out and people were talking about it. I don’t even want people talking about it. I just want to be in my own world. That’s all I want and luckily I just go to shows and I go perform and I don’t have to think about any of that. All I want is for this thing to be settled, to be done with and to move on with my life. I don’t have anything to say about it. I’m going to try not to say anything about this until after everything kind of unfolds.”

On rumors he was backstage at a WWE show: “I don’t know who spread this rumor that I was backstage at the WWE. The last time I was backstage at WWE, I did a podcast with Hornswoggle. It was a house show and that was probably four years ago. The internet doesn’t always get it right. That’s OK. They’re known for that. It’s kind of the charm of the internet.”

(The Spotlight)

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