How All In’s Over The Budget battle royal was financed

Aug 25, 2018 - by Colin Vassallo

In the latest episode of All Us, a series leading up to the All In indie show on September 1, Cody Rhodes discusses how they came up with the extra budget to produce the Over The Budget battle royal which will air for free on WGN America an hour before the pay-per-view starts.

Cody said that they had a set budget and wanted to make sure they did not go over the budget because this was their first show they’re financing. But as it usually is the case, Cody and the Bucks went over the budget.

The former Intercontinental champion said that it was too good to pass up a one-hour free event on television that would go to 77 million homes so they came up with the idea to sell anything that will make up the All In ring.

Cody noted that the aprons, canvas, turnbuckles, and everything “soft” has been pre-sold to collectors and that money helped finance the extra hour on WGN America.

So far announced for the battle royal are Jordynne Grace, Moose, Rocky Romero, Colt Cabana, Ethan Page, Brian Cage, Billy Gunn, Jimmy Jacobs, Marko Stunt, and Brandon Cutler. The winner gets a Ring of Honor title shot later in the evening during the PPV.

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