Sasha Banks wants to keep the focus on the Women’s Division in WWE

Aug 23, 2018 - by James Walsh

Sasha Banks spoke with Sports Illustrated for a new interview discussing her goals for herself and the WWE Women’s division, plus more. Highlights are below:

On her goal of being champion again: “When you are champion, it’s letting the world know you are the very best. For me, the goal is to still prove I am the very best without holding a championship. I want people to know, ‘OK, yeah, she’s not champion, but when I think of WWE, I think of Sasha Banks.’ I just want to show the world I am going to go out there and give 110% no matter what, no matter what title’s around my waist or the pay per view or whether I’m the opening match, middle of the card, or main event.”

On her hopes for the division: “I want people to keep talking about me and keep talking about women’s wrestling. We’ve come such a long way and it’s so beautiful to be a part of this company right now given all these ‘first-time ever’ moments that we’re accomplishing. We’re letting the fans know, being women in the sport, that we can accomplish anything.”

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