KO feels WWE is somewhat responsible for ROH selling out MSG

Aug 23, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Kevin Owens recently spoke with Gorilla Position and said that he feels WWE is somewhat responsible for ROH selling out Madison Square Garden…

On ROH Selling Out Madison Square Garden:

“I absolutely don’t think it’s a threat,” Owens said to Gorilla Position regarding the rise of indie wrestling interest. “I think it’s great for everybody involved and WWE thrives on competition. It did for a long time. I think healthy competition is great and I think WWE would agree. But WWE will always try to go out and be better than everybody else and I think that’s why they got to the point where they’re at, you know? They want to be bigger and they want to do things other companies can’t and they’re never gonna change that way. The fact that all these companies are thriving is great for everybody involved. Whether it’s wrestlers who are up and coming and trying to make a career or even wrestler that might eventually leave WWE, it gives them a place to go to. Look, the wrestling world is changing and it’s very exciting to see. But I think it would be silly to look at these companies thriving and not feel like WWE is a big part of them thriving as well. You know what I mean? Even Ring Of Honor selling out Madison Square Garden is fantastic, it’s unbelievable… but they’re selling it out on WrestleMania weekend, you know what I mean? So I feel people should still be grateful to WWE and I know some people that’s not the cool thing to admit that WWE might not be this giant thing trying to hurt the indies. I know a lot of people feel that they are, but I couldn’t disagree more and I hope one day Ring Of Honor can sell out Madison Square Garden when WWE’s not in town and everything points to that happening eventually and that’s amazing.”

On All In: “Look at All In,” Owens continued.

“All In was Cody and The Young Bucks’ idea and they took it and they ran with it and they turned it into something huge. In my opinion, All In is almost more impressive than Ring Of Honor selling out Madison Square Garden because they did it on their own and there’s not a giant wrestling extravaganza in the same weekend in the same town. Those people for All In and that’s awesome. But, everybody gets to benefit from that whether it’s the fans or the wrestlers. I mean, how can you call that a bad thing? It’s great.”


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