The Miz on AJ Styles: “Sometimes I feel like AJ just coasts”

Aug 19, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Sky Sports recently interviewed WWE Superstar The Miz this week ahead of Summerslam.

Below are some highlights (via Sportskeeda).

His thoughts on the WWE title losing prestige:

“Don’t you? Name a time it’s been in the main event. Why is it not in the main event? If the Universal Championship not on the card, why is that title not in the main event? Back when I first started in the WWE, there was not a pay-per-view where that WWE Championship OR the World Heavyweight Championship was not in that spot.”

The Miz on AJ Styles coasting:

“Sometimes I feel like AJ just coasts. He’s great in the ring, one of the best in ring performers that the WWE has ever had. He’s the longest reigning WWE Champion (on SD Live). But I feel like I can elevate that title more than he can.”

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