Hogan: “A lot of people accepted my apology”

Aug 17, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

In an interview with Bill Apter, Hulk Hogan says the wrestlers who haven’t forgiven him don’t know the true meaning of “Brotherhood”:

On Triple H and Vince McMahon telling him they wanted him to speak with WWE’s black talent:

“I said no, I’m not gonna do it. If I come back, I want to talk to everybody. Because what I did not only hurt the business, it hurt white, black, every athlete you have. Japanese. Everybody that’s involved and loves this business. What I said hurt this business.”

On the reaction to his addressing the WWE locker room:

“A lot of people accepted my apology. And a lot of people heard what they wanted to hear and a lot of the narrative that came out of the meeting was on point. A lot of the narrative was really different. I was surprised to hear some people interpreted what I said that I was just sorry I got caught on camera, or whatever they interpreted, but I never said that.”

On those talent like New Day and Titus O’Neil who didn’t accept his apology:

“I just hope the brotherhood can get back to the way it was. Outside the ring, you’re supposed to protect your brother. In this case, it’s a situation where 75, 80, 90 percent of the wrestlers are protecting me and they’re giving me another chance to move forward. There’s just a few wrestlers that kinda like don’t understand the bond and the brotherhood of wrestling. If someone makes a mistake, you need to forgive them and move on and try to let them prove themselves.”

(The Spotlight)

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