Bruce Prichard says there was no plans to have Rikishi as the driver who ran down Steve Austin

Aug 17, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

During his podcast Something to Wrestle, Bruce Prichard discussed the infamous angle where Rikishi was revealed as the man who ran down Stone Cold Steve Austin with a car at Survivor Series 1999. Later, it was revealed that Triple H orchestrated the act after the angle failed miserably, not to mention Rikishi claimed that he “did it for The Rock.”

Below are some highlights (transcript via

Prichard on how there was no plan on the driver storyline:

“There was no original plan. There was no plan. It was, we will do this and then they came back to, well, who drove the car, and let’s make that a storyline. The idea was to pull Steve Austin off of television because of his surgery. When it came time to figure out who drove the car, McMahon was asking why it mattered who drove the car? Well, somebody hit him with the car. How can you try and get away from that? It wasn’t thought of prior to. There were a lot of assumptions on whether or not Steve was coming back, so it was left open as far as who it was going to be and what they were going to do. There wasn’t a whole plan on who it was going to be and what we were going to do. When we came down to it was like, now what?”

(Pro Wrestling & MMA World)

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