Triple H handles criticism of WWE’s main roster when asked if he could giveit an ‘NXT approach’

Aug 16, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

A note from yesterday’s Media conference call.

A caller prefaced his question by saying he was asking “as a fan,” and he was “burned out” by the WWE main roster. While praising NXT storylines for their crispness, he said Raw and SmackDown are often left “burning the midnight oil” for him personally. He noted that he wasn’t looking forward to SummerSlam, and only for Takeover.

Triple H had a diplomatic reply when he was finally asked if he wished that he could take control of the main roster with an “NXT approach.”

“I also wish I could fly and breath underwater,” Triple H replied. “Dude, I wasn’t sure if you were going to ask me a question or you were making a statement about your displeasure.

“Everybody has opinions on things and positive/negative that’s the beauty in what we do and people are free to express those opinions. I’m happy that you like NXT and I’m happy you’re looking forward to that show. You know some people dislike some things, there are other people who dislike what we do in NXT and there are people that like what we do there. Everybody’s got an opinion and the great thing for us is no matter what it is, positive/negative, we don’t have a shy fan base that is afraid to let us know.

“They will let us know and whether we decide to take that message immediately or whether it takes us a little bit to hear it, eventually we hear you. So you know, it is what it is but if people dislike something or like something that’s what their voice is for and we encourage that for sure.”

(Pro Wrestling & MMA World)

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