Melina: “I’m not coming back to wrestling”

Aug 16, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

In a recent interview with Periscope, Melina took the time to answer a few questions and discuss whether she is done wrestling.

A Match with Zelina Vega?

“That would be awesome. It would be like the saddest thing because she’s like my little sister. I would feel so guilty. I know even before WWE people were trying [to book us in a match]. It would be weird because she’s like my little sister.”

“Hypothetically, if we were to have a match, she would be able to get one over on me because that’s my little sister, I don’t want to fight with her. But, when you’re young, you’ve got something to prove. You’re hungry, you’re like ‘you know what? I’ve been living in your shadow,’ it’s like a sister scenario. ‘I’ve been living in your shadow long enough so I need to prove something.’”

Telling Fans She has nothing else to Prove :

I’ve heard so many people say, ‘you’re old, you’re this, It’s like, yeah, granted I may not move the way I used to. I may not be able to do some of the stuff I’ve done. Seriously, the way my mind works it’s like I’m not going to be as hard-hitting because my mind thinks, ‘what’s the point? I already proved what I needed to prove, what’s the point?’

“But, when pushed to a certain point, being the person who’s experienced so much stuff I’m more methodical. I think things through more than a person who reacts on emotion. Oh, I will find a way, I will find a way to win. It doesn’t have to be me doing flippy-dos and putting myself in danger.

“I’ll find a way because I’ve seen it all, people have taken what I’ve done, they put their spin on it. I see different ways of using my moves, of doing all that stuff. It’s like, ‘okay, you’ve taught me a little something, now I’m gonna put my spin on it and it’s gonna be so much better.’ Like, I think of all these scenarios, you know?”

One last Time in WWE…
When asked if she would return back to the WWE or the upcoming all women’s PPV Evolution Melina responded:

“You got me thinking but, I’m not coming back to wrestling guys.” “No, stop making me think about this stuff, I don’t want to [return]. I’ve got happier stuff, you know? I accept that my time has come and gone, I’m secure with that. I’m cool with that.”

(Pro Wrestling & MMA World)

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