Daniel Bryan: “The original NXT was horrible, just rotten”

Aug 16, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

In an interview with TonyPizzaGuy about the Showcase Mode on WWE 2k19, Daniel Bryan was asked about all the stories being told on the video game including his time in NXT.

Bryan took time to besmirch the lack of story telling on the original NXT show which he participated in as the “rookie” to the Miz’s “pro.”

“The original NXT was horrible, just rotten. I was really excited about it because I thought the concept of it was really cool. You take these people are unfamiliar with WWE…these ‘rookies’ and you pair them up with pros,” said Bryan. “I was like ‘I’m really gonna play this up’ and then we didn’t do anything like that. We just did monkey bar challenges and soda drinking contest,” he continued.

Bryan specifically mentioned he thought there was a lot of story to tell between him and the Miz and he intentionally changed his look to be as plain as possible to be juxtaposed against the Miz.

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