Bryan on being featured in the ‘Showcase Mode’ of WWE 2K19: “This is amazing because this touches a different audience”

Aug 15, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

“This is amazing because this touches a different audience. It’s a newer audience. I’m fascinated by how people become wrestling fans. And I’ve been introduced to a lot of different ways that people become wrestling fans. I was introduced to wrestling through magazines from a friend. My parents weren’t wrestling fans so I didn’t grow up watching it. I had a friend in first grade who came over to the house, who had a backpack of wrestling magazines, and he showed them to me and as someone who was fascinated with reading at a young age I found myself entranced with these pictures of these wild men. But now we have people who start playing the video game while not being wrestling fans. And then because they play this game, they become interested in the characters and start watching wrestling. We also have people who watch Total Bellas or Total Divas who have no interest in watching wrestling, and then they get interested in these characters and want to start watching wrestling. I’m very grateful for this Showcase because I think this will introduce my story to not only newer wrestling fans who will get the game because they’re wrestling fans, but also people who aren’t wrestling fans but will get the game because they just like wrestling video games. They’ll be able to play through this and think ‘Wait, this guy wrestled John Cena in 2003… and then it doesn’t show him again until 2010. What was he doing for seven years?’ So I think that’s pretty cool.”

source: IGN

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