Jerry Lawler says photos of Brian’s bruising are inconsistent with hanging

Aug 11, 2018 - by Colin Vassallo

Jerry “The King” Lawler and his lawyers are shedding more doubt over the story that Brian Christopher committed suicide after photos from the hospital showing bruise marks might tell a different story.

Lawler said he talked to his son at 11AM on the day he passed away and sounded perfectly normal, showing no signs of being suicidal. A fight broke out later involving Brian and another inmate when they were playing cards and Brian got hit and later moved to solitary confinement. Around five hours later, the Lawler family got the call that Brian committed suicide.

According to NBC affiliate WMC Action News, the sheriff told Lawler that Brian used shoestrings to hang himself but photos from the hospital are inconsistent with the story. “Just look at his neck and look at his hand,” Jerry said. “You can see the lines on his neck all the way around here to here and what would be the length of your hand as if he was trying to keep the pressure off,” Lawler said. “I think the pictures indicate something other than someone hanging himself with a shoelace,” his attorney added.

Lawler continued saying that 20 of the cameras inside the jail are not working so getting the truth will be a bit more harder. The TBI investigation into Brian’s death is not complete yet and the Lawler family said that they will not stop until the truth is revealed.

Photos of Brian’s injuries in the hospital before his death (Source: family)

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