Claim: The strange way Randy Orton would intimidate new WWE writers

Aug 10, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Former WWE writer Court Bauer said on the MLW podcast that Randy Orton would intimidate new writers by pulling his penis out in front of them and then tell touch himself and force them to shake his hand…

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  1. Yoyo says:

    This is so screwed up. What a jerk. This guy has all that talent and still feels the need to do that. Anti Bullying… sure.

  2. This is highly disturbing. It’s ridiculous some of the crap that WWE stars over the years have gotten away with. Disgusting.

  3. dave says:

    Yeah, and his shenanigans are cruel and tragic. Which… makes them not really shenanigans at all.

    Evil shenanigans!

    Orton is the WWE’s Officer Farva

  4. Havok says:


  5. Tollefaan says:


  6. Helio says:

    What would his Uncle Barry say about that?

  7. dave says:

    @Tollefaan – A well thought out response.

    The account given by Court is detailed and I see no reason for him to lie. Maybe some others will corroborate the story. Maybe not.

    @Havok – Original, I bet you know all the classics lol

  8. Jay says:

    who WOULDN’T want a chance to grab orton’s dick though….

  9. Stonz says:

    Still not sure why a grown-ass man would want to pull his dick out and leave it out in front of other grown-ass men….

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