Pentagon on his contractual status, difference in the business nowadays

Aug 3, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

His contract status:

“I still remain 100 percent independent in Mexico and everywhere else in the world while respecting my obligations with Lucha Underground and Impact and I still have a contract with Lucha Underground. For AAA, I wouldn’t really say I’m back [just yet], but more so I’ll return at TripleMania on August 25. That’s when I’ll return to wrestle for AAA. Admittedly, there had been negotiations between me and them and we talked about how to further expand the lucha business and take it global. We’ve come to an agreement that I will come in and help that global growth and help AAA have a worldwide reach just like I have been doing with Lucha Underground and Impact. It all comes down to the wrestling promotions giving opportunities and the wrestlers making the most of those opportunities and help make companies grow alongside with the necessary support. AAA approached me, we negotiated and came to an agreement and I’ll keep wrestling for them and for other companies.”

Difference in the business nowadays:

“You know, I think the wrestling business nowadays has evolved so much, from the creative mindset and of course, the wrestling styles. CMLL is like the cathedral of wrestling. It’s one of the two biggest wrestling companies in Mexico along with AAA. If any wrestler someday wants to step into Arena Mexico, [CMLL] is the way to go. The opportunity to go there was offered and I’ll be doing a few dates, but I’ll still be wrestling for The Crash, AAA, CMLL and whatever promoter wants me in Mexico and anywhere else in the world.”


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