Matt Riddle on Corey Graves vs. CM Punk, Punk’s MMA training

Aug 3, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Corey Graves vs. CM Punk:

“That actually might be a pretty good fight. They’re both a little worn down for the biz. That’s the kind of fights WE should be booking. Pro wrestler vs. pro wrestler in MMA.”

CM Punk’s MMA training:

“I saw highlights. Honestly, when you get thrown into the lion’s den that’s what happens. I don’t mean the fighter, the camp. How many times do you think CM Punk got a punch off in training? When you go to a killer gym, everyone wants to kill you? When I trained at smaller gyms, I got good. A lot of people say ‘I wanna be good at MMA, I’m going to Greg Jackson’s. The worst fighter there is high level. Even the amateurs moved there so they could train with the pros. You know how many people probably tried to take his chin and body?.


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