Former ring announcer Ken Resnick happy Hogan got reinstated

Aug 2, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

“I worked with Hulk in the AWA, I worked with Hulk in WWE, but we also spent time together. We spent a lot of off-camera time together talking. I saw the way he was in dressing rooms with other people and those comments and those comments he made were absolutely disappointing. But I can tell you in all the years I had known Hulk I never, ever saw anything close to that. Never saw that side of him. He certainly worked with and did programs with African-American wrestlers… he always liked them, respected them. I’d like to think that everybody has a breaking point and when those comments came out, he was going through the bitter, very public divorce with Linda, his son was going through everything as a result of that horrible car accident. I kinda think he just snapped. He was not the Hulk that I knew and we’ve gotten together on a couple instances since. He’s always been great to me, very warm to me. I can understand, certainly, on the heels of those comments, WWE kind of taking him off to air for a while, but I’m very glad that he’s back in the Hall of Fame and I’ve seen a number of comments he has made since that I choose to believe and feel were absolutely genuine. I know how much fans meant to Hulk and mean to Hulk because I had countless opportunities to see him interact. I think he’s genuinely not only hurt for himself for having said those things and having them become public in the way and the manner of which it did, but I think he took it very hard and personal that he disappointed a lot of his fans. I’m glad that he’s back and have nothing but the most love and respect for him.”

source: Pancakes and Powerslams Show

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