Jerry Lawler talks about the death of his son Brian Christopher

Jul 31, 2018 - by Colin Vassallo

Jerry “The King” Lawler told FOX13 that he held his son’s hand when doctors pulled the plug that kept Brian on life support following his suicide attempt in jail.

Lawler said that he rushed from North Carolina to Memphis as soon as he was notified that Brian was in hospital and spent hours at the hospital with the rest of the family around Brian’s bed. He said it wasn’t easy but “glad to hold his son’s hand when his heart stopped beating around 3:30PM.”

The investigation into his death continues and the Hardeman County Sheriff’s Office said they had no indication that Lawler was suicidal. Lawler didn’t elaborate on the investigation while talking to FOX13 but he said “there may be more to this than meets the eye.” He was then advised not to comment further about the investigation until it’s complete.

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