Tommy Dreamer: “The word hardcore has been bastardized by WWE”

Jul 28, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Tommy Dreamer Claims WWE Has ‘Bastardized’ the Term of Hardcore and Which Impact Talents He Likes

Dreamer on WWE bastardizing the term “hardcore”:

“The word hardcore has been bastardized by WWE. People think about blood, or tables, or chairs. To me, hardcore is a work ethic. You know it became hardcore was #WWE’s version was early ECW and in ECW we did every single thing we could to put on a great performance for the fans. In Impact, I want to say every single wrestler could be hardcore. Because everybody goes out there an busts their butts to entertain the fans. No matter what situation they have been in.”

His thoughts on the Impact Wrestling talent:

“I am a huge fan of LAX. I think they have such amazing talent. Brian Cage, he’s another guy although he’s a pain in my ass at my House Of Hardcore shows. I wanna say the biggest impact I feel to come out of the [Knockouts Division] is Tessa Blanchard. [Blanchard] is money and she is signed a long-term deal with Impact Wrestling. I have never heard such a buzz about anyone in the industry.”

(Pro Wrestling & MMA World)

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