Lashley reveals what Triple H told him before he signed with WWE

Jul 28, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

During a recent conversation with German Suplex Talk, Lashley revealed what Triple H said to Lashley even before his WWE return.

Triple H knew WWE had more opportunities for Lashley than Impact Wrestling could. “He knew my run was over,” Lashley said. “You know when some people leave you can see how some people mature.” Lashley brought focus to the fact that he didn’t sit in the back or get soft during his time away from WWE which impressed Triple H.

Lashley kept working on his physique and expanded his training while wrestling for #IMPACT. He also competed in MMA where he maintained a 15-2 record fighting for Strikeforce, Titan Fighting Championship, Shark Fights, and Bellator.

When the four-time Impact World Heavyweight Champion was ready for a WWE return, he made sure that he looked prepared.

“When [Triple H] saw me he was like, “damn, you look almost better than you did when you were here before,” Lashley said. “He said there’s a tremendous amount of money to be made and we’d love to see you come back.”

Tommy Dreamer commented on Bobby Lashley’s exit from Impact Wrestling during a recent media call as proof that Impact Wrestling has turned a new leaf.

“A lot of people wanna deal with the behind the scenes crap and the internet wants to jump on that,” Dreamer said. “Well you know they’re putting on a really good product today. I know this because — they let Bobby Lashley out of his contract. Look at what Bobby Lashley’s doing in WWE. Great for Bobby Lashley and also great for Impact because it opened up a spot a spot for someone like a Pentagon to come in or debut in Impact Wrestling.”

After losing a #1 contender match for the Universal Championship to Roman Reigns, Lashley currently doesn’t have a match booked for SummerSlam. There is still time for that to change and Lashley is still excited about the idea of facing Brock Lesnar.

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