Konnan thinks Impact has turned a corner

Jul 28, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

“two weeks ago, I thought that show, I don’t watch all the Impacts because I don’t have time, but I just happened to catch the one two weeks ago and I just thought it was phenomenal, and I was talking to a couple of wrestlers that watch the show and they were saying the same thing, because all the video packages were good, the verbiage like you said was very realistic, the in-ring was great and you got the pay off in Slammiversary. They continued the great angles, they had the great matches. It’s really cool right now, everybody kinda knows there’s a little buzz about us. But that’s the main problem that we’ve got that studio audience. But some people may overlook that and say, ‘F— the audience. We like the storylines and the action.'”

source: Keepin It 100 with Konnan

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