Alexa Bliss: “my job is to be hated”

Jul 22, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

“I don’t, but here’s the thing, I’m a bad guy. Who likes a bad guy that does a lot of flashy things? You know what I mean? It is my job to be hated, so if that means coming in when the opportunity is right and cashing in on other people’s misfortunes in the ring that is what I am going to do. Now, when I become a good guy, are people going to see a brand new skill set from me? Absolutely. Right now, my job isn’t to wow the crowd with my in-ring ability, my job is to be hated, which is what I love to do. My job is to be hated because people get that much madder when I win a title because they talk about me not being able to wrestle in the ring – I can, but I am choosing not to, and the fact that when I win and they are getting angry that only means that I am doing my job that much more.”

source: Cheap Seats podcast

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