Allie Parker is your new PGWA Champion

Jul 16, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

July 14, 2018

Allie Parker – New PGWA Champion

As the first Champion of the PGWA, and now the Commissioner of the organization, I have been given the responsibility of appointing the next PGWA Champion, following the relinquishment of the belt by ThunderKitty due to an injury.

A tournament was considered. However, many of the wrestlers who would be qualified to participate have already had most of their available dates booked throughout the summer, meaning that we would not be able to have any such tourney until the fall, leaving the title vacant for several more months, far longer than the PGWA would like.

Therefore, I decided to do things a bit ‘Old School’: I am going to use my authority to appoint the next PGWA Champion. But I’m not going to give the belt to just anyone. No, the next Champ is going to have to earn it.
A good many women have contacted my office to express their desire to be considered for the belt, and one in particular has impressed me a great deal lately. But I wanted to be certain that she was worthy of the championship. I am basing my decision on several key factors: her wrestling talent…her knowledge…her eagerness…her respect for the sport…and her ability to WIN. I want a Champion who will be willing to defend the PGWA belt anytime, anywhere, against any opponent.

What impresses me tremendously about the young woman in question is that she has demonstrated that she’s gracious in victory, and when she loses, she doesn’t make excuses. That’s the heart of a champion right there.
Therefore, effective immediately, it is my pleasure to announce that ALLIE PARKER of Las Vegas, Nevada is now the new PGWA CHAMPION.

The belt will be delivered to Ms. Parker, and she will be expected to defend it in PGWA sanctioned matches across the United States, and elsewhere in the world. I invite promoters to book Allie Parker and put her up against their best ladies!

Since my own wrestling debut in 1969, I have probably seen every great woman in the sport wrestle (and I’ve wrestled more than a few of them myself!). Having seen Allie wrestle, I recognize how tough and skilled she is. I also appreciate the respect she has for the traditions of Pro Wrestling. She is a proud member of the Cauliflower Alley Club, and is ardently supportive of the kind of quality wrestling which the PGWA has striven to preserve and promote since its establishment in 1992.

I was particularly impressed with Allie’s recent victory over Pippa L’Vinn, a former PGWA Champion herself. Allie was so determined to wrestle with Pippa, she took the initiative to actually fly to Great Britain in order to challenge L’Vinn! That sort of dedication speaks well of her.

So, let the wrestling begin…! Those who want to challenge Allie should contact our Booking Office at, or contact Allie Parker herself via social media.

Congratulations Allie! Best of Luck to you! We know you will do the PGWA proud!

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