Chris Jericho Talks His Real Life Heat With Scott Hall

Jul 10, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

“Those guys are very sarcastic, and almost kind of bullying in a way. I did things my way with my group of guys like Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit and those kinds of guys,” Jericho said.

He continued to tell a story about how he once had an opening match at a house show in Minnesota with Jerry Lynn. Hall walked up to Jericho and told him “it may have been a little long, but it was a great match” even though WCW didn’t give Jericho and Lynn and time restraints.

“Scott Hall came up to me and told me that nobody was coming to see me, get in there, do your 5-10 minutes and get out. No one wants to see you. I remember thinking, wow, what an asshole. Why would you say that? I told Chris Benoit that, and Benoit was already furious with Scott Hall after Hall pissed on Chris Benoit’s cowboy boots by the urinals. He just leaned over while they were both pissing and he leaned to the side and pissed on his boots.”

Jericho said Scott Hall was the kind of guy who “whenever he talked you just wanted to slap him in the face.” He asked Jericho how his “little Terry Taylor push is going” and threaten to stop it the next day with one phone call. Thankfully, a good friend was there for Jericho to provide some extra motivation.

“Scott Norton, who is a friend of mine from my time in Japan said to me that if you don’t say something to him next time he bullies you then I am going to say something and I will bully you. Either you do something about it or I will. If you do something about it and he wants to cause anything then I got your back.”

Jericho trusted Norton to have his back and the next time Hall made a comment to him, Y2J let him have it. This seemed to at least temporarily remedy Jericho’s backstage problem with Hall, but the two still aren’t friendly to this day.

“When Scott made another comment I went up to Hall and said to never f–king talk to me like that again, you understand me? I told him that there was no rib, or no joke, don’t ever f–king talk to me like that again. He would tell me to calm down and that he was just joking, ‘geez Jericho, can’t you take a joke?’ I looked over at Scott Norton and he was just smiling like I did the right thing. That was a Scott Hall for you. He was always like that, which is a shame. He was obviously a great worker and a great performer but no love lost for him even until this day.”

(Pro Wrestling & MMA World)

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