Lucha Underground – Season 4, Episode 4 Results – July 4, 2018 – Los Angeles, California

Jul 6, 2018 - by Michael Riba

-Melissa Santos comes to the ring and mourns the loss of Fenix in the Grave Consequences Match from last week. Catrina shows up and tells Santos that Fenix will never return. She then gives Santos part of her Medallions.

1. Jake Strong defeated Big Bad Steve

-We see Antonio Cueto in his office with King Cuerno. Cueto asks Cuerno about The Glove, but Cuerno says The Glove has been stolen. Cueto then announces that Cuerto will face Chavo Guerrero for an Aztec Medallion. Cage then enter’s Cueto’s office and reminds Cueto that he put Pentagon Dark through a table last week and wants a title show. Cueto says that is not enough for a title shot, and if Cage wants a title shot he has to win an Aztec Medallion. Cueto tells Cage he will face Mil Muertes next week and the winner will earn an Aztec Medallion.

2. Worldwide Underground (Johnny Mundo and Taya) defeated Reptile Tribe (Daga and Kobra Moon)
After the match, Vibora enters the ring and attacks Mundo and Taya.

3. Sacrifice to the Gods Match
Mantanza Cueto defeated Mr. Pectacular

4. Aztec Medallion Match
King Cuerno defeated Chavo Guerrero

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