Backstage news on how much money the NXT UK talent are getting paid

Jul 6, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Backstage News On How Much Money The NXT UK Talent Are Getting Paid

According to Dave Meltzer, the new wrestlers who signed WWE NXT UK contracts are for one-year deals. The majority of the contracts are reportedly for $24,000 pounds (which is $31,600 in U.S dollars). This is an increase from the $20,000 pounds that the original UK. performers got in their first year.

Even though the deals are for one-year, Meltzer says that WWE has the option of canceling after four and eight months. He adds that some who are skeptical feel like WWE’s ability to cancel has to do with if ITV renews World of Sport after 10 weeks. If they do, WWE will keep the talent and if not, they could cut some of them.

The contracts also don’t allow the talent to work for any companies with TV deals like #Impact, ROH, and NJPW.

It should be noted that this is essentially a part-time contract since there will only be around 12 tapings a year. The talent is still allowed to work independent shows whenever there isn’t a conflict with WWE.

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