Stephan Bonnar believes he could beat Brock Lesnar in an MMA fight

Jul 4, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Stephan Bonnar recently did an interview with Wrestling Inc. to talk about several topics. Bonnar offered his thoughts on former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar, who is also the current Universal Champion in WWE, and his rumored return to mixed martial arts (MMA) competition:

“He doesn’t have a lot of MMA miles on him and he is a great wrestler. I had a lot of MMA miles with getting hit in the head a thousand times over my career. I am at the age where I am slowing down and am slowing down. I go in there and go to war,” Bonnar said.

“With the concussions that he has faced and everything, he still had a couple more in him. I am all for him. I support Brock going in there and fighting again. I don’t think he should hang it up now. I hate to say it, but guys like Diego [Sanchez], who has been put to sleep lately, he should consider hanging it up, but guys like Brock, no way, he has a couple more in him. My hats off to Brock Lesnar for saying he wants to go back into it and I fully support it.”

Bonnar also discussed his dream fight in MMA and revealed he would’ve loved to have the opportunity fight Lesnar. He believes the match-up would really give him the opportunity to showcase his Brazilian jiu-jitsu skills:

“Honestly, I know if me and Brock got a hold on one another I would be able to submit him,” Bonnar stated. “He has a lot of holds in his game. He is pretty strong. I am that confident in my submission game. I have been doing jiu-jitsu since the 90’s, being trained by Carlson Gracie so I got a bad-ass submission game. ”

(Pro Wrestling & MMA World)

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