Enzo Amore: “we had to threaten the police”

Jul 3, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

“The four months consisted of me emailing or calling or trying to communicate through my lawyers everyday and they would get back to me two weeks later. What happened was that when this girl made this tweet they realized that this girl did make this claim in October, but she was on her way to rehab and popping for drug tests we didn’t take it seriously so we didn’t investigate it. When my lawyers – now I am paying out the yin yang for the lawyers. I don’t have money since I was fired. I’m paying these lawyers to try and get in touch with the police to see what is going on and the only thing that we get is that there is an investigation and my name was brought up. Finally, through ridiculous communication, we had to threaten the police. We said that we were going to go to every social media outlet and that Enzo is going to start talking. I am going to start talking to the media because if someone did get raped here, you have let this sit here for five months and a tweet is the reason why you have to take action? That is absurd! Finally we had to pay tens of thousands of dollars for nothing just to conduct an investigation to prove my innocence. Not to charge me, not to perform an investigation to bring about charges, just so that I can say to the world that I am innocent. I had to pay for that to get done.”

source: The Steve Austin Show

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