Sasha Banks discusses how she changed her opinion on Ronda Rousey

Jun 28, 2018 - by Colin Vassallo

Banks commented on how Rousey has fared since joining the WWE roster.

“She had been killing it. She’s proven all the doubters wrong, and it’s so crazy to see her matches,” said Banks. “I’m like in shock, I’m in awe. I loved her match at WrestleMania, I loved her match at Money in the Bank, and I definitely think she’s one to watch. I can’t believe Money in the Bank was only her second match and I am so impressed, and I hope I get to wrestle her in the future and I’m really excited for her here in the WWE and she really has been killing it.”

Banks added that her overall performance, especially her selling, is what has put Rousey above expectations. Banks believes the ability for her to make the audience feel, as far as the realness of her selling, comes from being a big pro wrestling fan growing up.

Initially, Banks was not in favor of Rousey’s WWE signing. “When I first heard that she was gonna be here, I was a little like, ‘huh, that’s not really fair,” Banks stated. Despite her initial feelings on Rousey joining WWE, Banks feels that she has proven herself to be in the position that she is in early in her tenure, and Banks is excited that Rousey is with WWE.

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