Enzo Amore says he was going to lose cruiserweight title during Raw 25 poker game

Jun 27, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Enzo Amore Says He Was Going to Lose Cruiserweight Title During Raw 25 Poker Game and Get it back later that night.

Enzo was a guest on the The Steve Austin Show this week and it didn’t take long for the two to begin talking about Amore’s last day in WWE at RAW25.

Amore says he was set to be a participant in the Raw 25 poker game featuring ex-talent and at some point in the show he’d lose the Cruiserweight Championship to Ted DiBiase and the APA in the game. Then, Enzo was supposed to lose a match to Goldust and catch a post-match beat down from The Dudley Boyz to call it a “Horrible night”

Real1 claims the Raw 25 segments would’ve ended with Nia winning the title back for him in the poker game and giving it back to him only for Nia to learn he’d been hooking up with Alexa Bliss behind her back to kick off their feud and Fight over Enzo.

(PW World & MMA World)

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