SmackDown Moves to Fridays on FOX Effective October 2019

Jun 26, 2018 - by Bill Fenbers

WWE has announced that SmackDown Live will move to the FOX Broadcast Network, beginning on October 4, 2019, as part of a five-year deal with FOX Sports.

The press release notes that SmackDown Live will air on Friday nights on FOX, making it the first time since 2010 that SmackDown will air on over-the-air television.  Currently in its 19th season and approaching 1,000 episodes, SmackDown Live is the second-longest running cable television show in U.S. prime time history, only behind Monday Night RAW.

SmackDown has aired on UPN (1999-2006), the CW (2006-2008), MyNetwork TV (2008-2010), Syfy (2010-2015), and has aired on USA Network since January 2016.  After airing via tape delay on Thursdays or Fridays for 17 years, WWE finally decided to air SmackDown Tuesday nights, live, in July 2016.

WWE Press Release – SmackDown Moves to FOX

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