Becky Lynch pitched an idea for Women’s Tag Team Titles

Jun 26, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

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Becky Lynch recently spoke at the Ace Comic-Con where she said that she’s been trying to get WWE to introduce Women’s Tag Team Titles but apparently it hasn’t done much good yet.

The Lass Kicker said she’s been pitching the idea of Women’s Tag Team Titles for a year now, maybe two. She also has a very clever idea of how to get around a previously thought problem.

“I think it would be a cool idea if [the titles] were traveling and not just between RAW and SMACKDOWN but NXT too,” Lynch said to host Lilian Garcia during the Q&A.

Only time will tell if WWE actually ever makes it happen, but Becky Lynch had a pretty good idea about how to make it work.

(Pro Wrestling & MMA World)

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