Brian Pillman Jr. Suggests That Brock Lesnar Should Break Curt Hawkins’ Losing Streak

Jun 24, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

“It was on the extreme end of replies, but I think Curt Hawkins is somebody that’s really [worked hard] his whole life to be where he’s at,” said Pillman. “Not to say that Brock [Lesnar] hasn’t or anything, but I think that [Hawkins’] streak has had such a long buildup. No one’s ever had anything like that, it’s a very unique story in wrestling that can really be told.

“And just the amount of pops and the amount of payoff that could have, I was thinking, what’s the most extreme answer to this question that’s gonna have the ultimate payoff, and I think it’ll be really cool. You know, maybe not pin Brock clean, but have some type of story where Brock mistakes himself and Curt gets the one-up on him.”

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