Enzo goes off on Big Cass

Jun 15, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

ENZO SHOOTS HARD ON BIG CASS during his store horsemen podcast interview:

Enzo confirmed yesterday that he and Big Cass have not spoken since the Raw after Summer Slam where Big Cass tore his ACL.

” You know its one of those thing where you can forgive but you won’t forget. It was our blow off match and I knew I was going to 205 Live the next night.”

The payoff was I grab this chair but first let me say when you get hurt in this business you finish the match. And I told Cass after the match Stone Cold took a piledriver and was paralyzed and still got up to take the ugliest school boy ever. HHH tore his quad and was put in a Walls of Jericho. I let you(Cass) pick me up and throw me out the F*CKING ring. I made you look like a beast more than you ever were because I was invested with you as a human and a wrestler and wanted to do business with YOU.”

“So I pick up the f*cking chair in Brooklyn the crowd starts going ape sh*t buck wild he decides to roll out the ring and quit. On live f*cking TV. It was the most awkward thing ever”

“Then when you get backstage and you know people talk and if I’m Vince McMahon and I have Wrestlemania you tear your ACL the first 5 mins and we need you to go 25-30 mins. Vince NEEDS to know if you’re going to stick it out. THATS THE BUSINESS WE”RE F*CKING IN!”

“It might have been immature on my part but I told Cass to his face “Bro I can’t forgive you for this. I let people kill me the last 5 months. I take the heat in everyone of our matches. I took every f*cking bump. And I got this chair in my hand and you can’t take a chair shot? Were pros man. Try and block the chair and hit me with a DDT to end the match. MATCH OVER. Whatever we have to do as a pro to finish the match.”

“I’m no longer in the business anymore so it doesn’t really affect me anymore but if he would’ve finished the match and hobbled out of Barclays center the fans would’ve had more respect for him and his return would’ve been insane. Poeple would be talking about how tough a Son of b*tch you are. You missed an oppritunity of a lifetime”

“We haven’t talked since. I tried to reach out to him by text on Christmas and said ” Merry Christmas and I hope you come back better than ever.”

(The Spotlight)

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