Finn Balor on why The Demon didn’t appear at WrestleMania

Jun 13, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

This year at WrestleMania, Balor didn’t bust out The Demon, and instead he enlisted the help of two dozen people to wear shirts featuring rainbow striped versions of his logo. Balor wanted to spread a message of inclusion and he told Sports Illustrated that he felt this year’s entrance was more important that The Demon.

“A lot of people maybe thought going into WrestleMania, ‘Well, if Finn’s not gonna be the Demon, it’s gonna suck,’” Bálor says. “I think what we did at WrestleMania is a lot more important than any Demon could have been.”

Balor also noted that the rainbow version of The Balor Club logo was something that he was pushing for months, but things really took off once Stephanie McMahon found out about it.

“It’s crazy because it was kind of a couple months of me talking,” Bálor says, “then as soon as the right people heard it, it was almost instantaneously, ‘We gotta have this shirt out next week and we gotta talk to GLAAD ASAP and we’re gonna roll with it.’”

(Pro Wrestling & MMA World)

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