Bobby Roode: “It’s a different world on the main roster”

Jun 12, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Bobby Roode did an interview with Pro Wrestling Sheet and talked about who he likes in NXT, the possibility of the Performance Center getting bigger, and life on the main roster.

Who he likes in NXT: “Dream is one guy that I think had a huge upside. He has a ton of athletic ability and just gets it. He’s very in tune with his character — which is huge — especially on the main roster.”

Life on the main roster compared to NXT: “It’s a different world on the main roster. It really is. Different people see you as different things. The glorious song and the glorious entrance — people really love. It’s one of those things where the character has to adapt that.”

On the Performance Center: “From what I hear, it’s [Performance Center] going to continue to grow. I heard that they’re looking to build a new facility — a larger facility.”

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