Jim Ross says Donald Trump is ripping off Steve Austin

Jun 9, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

“It’s embarrassing. I go to other countries. I go to the U.K. Golly, it’s embarrassing. You go abroad and, ‘Oh you’re American.’ ‘Yeah I am.’ Then they kinda smile, ‘Oh you’re the country that has the blonde headed President that wears the cap like Stone Cold: I’m gonna drain the swamp.’ I’m waiting; but, I can tell you this, I do believe that cap he wears, not only to restrain his wild hair is played off of Austin. He saw Austin as a common guy, blue collar, drain the swamp type of man and all of a sudden he’s wearing all these high dollar suits – nothing wrong with that – and a ball cap to make himself look more blue collar. That’s my take. I might be wrong.”

source: The Jim Ross Report

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